Astronomy activities

Astronomy evening: spring equinox

from 22-03-2020 to 21-03-2020
Astronomy evening: spring equinox

From 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Two events related to astronomy will be programmed during March 2020: the spring equinox and the greatest elongation of Venus. The equinox is the moment of the year, when the Sun is precisely positioned vertically above the Earth equator. At this moment, the Sun rises exactly at East and sets at West. Above the equator, the Sun illuminates the Northern and the Southern hemispheres in a systematic way all along the course. Equinoxes happen when the duration of the night is equal to the duration of the day (12 hours). During this period of the year, Venus is at its greatest eastern elongation, which means it will reach the furthest eastern distance and also the maximum of time above the horizon.

On this occasion, the Tunis Science City organizes an astronomy evening on Saturday, March 21st starting at 6.00 pm, to present these two astronomic phenomena and observe planet Venus and the great Orion nebula.

Entrance is free and open to all. The participation to the observation workshops with telescopes is free upon prior registration on the website.


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