Dare Mighty Things : Mars Rovers paving the way

By M rs . Nagin Cox
Dare Mighty Things : Mars Rovers paving the way

The Tunis Science City, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States in Tunis, organizes on February 17 th , 2023 at 3.30 pm, a conference which will be given by M rs . Nagin Cox, Systems Engineer and Manager of robotic space missions at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for Nasa, the American Space Agency, to present her space adventure and encourage young people to get more involved in scientific careers.
Nagin Cox is an American engineer and currently the commanding officer of the CuriosityRover mission, as well as the vice-chair of the Mars2020 Perseverance Rover engineering team. She has held command and systems engineering positions on interplanetary robotic missions including the Galileo mission to Jupiter, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Kepler exoplanet hunter, InSight and the Curiosity rover. In 2015, asteroid 14061 was named “Nagin Cox” after her.

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