SERGAZ-September 13th, 2022

from 21-09-2022 to 31-12-2022
SERGAZ-September 13th, 2022

A meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022, at the City of Sciences in Tunis, within the framework of the creation of a branch in Gasserine, between the General Director and the TSC’s executives, with representatives of SERGAZ Company, in order to prepare the signing of a cooperation agreement between:

▪ Tunis Science City;

▪ SERGAZ Company;

▪ Gasserine Governorate.

This project embodies the will to disseminate scientific knowledge and culture all over the country and to support the opening of the TSC to its external environment by strengthening the partnership and cooperation with the different concerned actors: local authorities, economic and industrial establishments, educational, academic and training institutions, components of the knowledge society, etc.

This project aims in particular to:

1/ Contribute to the dissemination of the scientific and technological culture and innovation in the different regions, and enable the citizens, especially young people, to be introduced to all kinds of scientific and technological discoveries, within the framework of the integration with the educational, university and training system;

2/ Bring young people closer to science and support their spirit of creativity and invention by organizing innovative clubs in schools, institutes and universities, opening up to science and knowledge societies, enabling them to do the necessary training and coaching, and encouraging young investors to invest in the fields of innovation, invention and startups.

3/ Strengthen the decentralization of the TSC's activities in line with national trends to reduce differences between regions;

4/ Attract and support young people to create employment and development opportunities;

5/ Meet the needs of young people for scientific and technological knowledge and information and help them achieve communication and integration into their environment.

The main components of the project:

1- Planetarium ;

2- Astronomy and space exhibition;

3- Exhibition on mathematics ;

4- A children's area with interactive science units;

5- Multidisciplinary room;

6- A library;

7- Experimental room;

8- Open laboratory;

9- Molecular biology laboratory

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