Major Events

Awareness day about organ donation and early detection of kidney diseases

from 28-11-2021 to 28-11-2021

"Donate organ, gift of life" Starting at 9.30 am

As part of its noble mission which supports human being health and gives importance to its openness to its environment inside and outside the country, the Tunis Science City, in collaboration with the National Center for the Promotion of Organ Transplantation (CNPTO), organizes an awareness day about organ donation and early detection of kidney disease under the theme "Organ donation, gift of life", on Sunday, November 28th, 2021, starting at 9:30 am.

While organizing this day, the Tunis Science City aims at raising the public awareness about the importance of organ donation and its human purposes, to support the trust between the donor and medical and paramedical staff and facilitate the work of coordinators in this field, in order to increase the number of transplant operations and save the lives of thousands of people who are dying and are physically and morally exhausted by their diseases.

The program of the day includes several conferences aiming at raising the public awareness of the importance of this action and at studying and tackling the theme through different angles and perspectives like legal, religious and social ones. The program also includes testimonies of transplanted patients, as well as a painting competition dedicated to young people around the theme of organ donation.

Several well-known media and artistic figures will be present during this event, such as Ms. Kaouther Belhadj, Mr. Younis Elfelhi, Ms. Myriam Belkadhi, Ms. Lynda Rahali and Ms. Mouna Dhouib.  The event will be animated by AL Kindy Conservatory.

 Access is free. Welcome to all!


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