Major Events

Celebration of Asteroid Day

from 30-06-2020 to 30-06-2020

Asteroid day is an international day aiming at raising the public awareness about the potential risks of collisions with asteroids and about the importance of developing detection programmes for these celestial bodies in order to protect our planet.  

This year, the Tunis Science City celebrated this day on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, through the projecting a show of National Geographics at the planetarium entitled “Asteroid:  Mission Extreme” during the whole day, and through a conference about "the risks of asteroids' collisions" through a live video which was shared on the official facebook page of the Tunis Science City and was presented by Professor Sylvain BOULEY, planetary geologist and lecturer at laboratoire Géosciences Paris-Sud (GEOPS) of Université Paris Saclay. In 2017, he has written a collecytive piece of work entitled "Impacts of meteorites craters". 


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