Major Events

Mathematics day 2020

from 25-03-2020 to 25-03-2020

Mathematics is the science relative to numbers and figures properties in an abstract manner, which contributes to learning how to reason and to structure the thoughts. To better represent the present, vivid and attractive image of mathematics, the Tunis Science City will organize, in collaboration with the Science Club of Béja, the mathematics day at Explora pavilion, on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020.

The programme includes workshops about paper folding and origami, mathematics puzzles, geometric forms and calculation of their volume, calculation of benchmarks and coordinates, mental calculation and the methods which will make the learning of the multiplication of operations much easier, in addition to different thinking and logical games that one person can use while dealing with mathematics. 

The entry is free with one free ticket by person to the scientific pavilions during the whole day.


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