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Medina Assos 2020 Call for Innovative Projects

from 13-01-2020 to 31-03-2020

Within the framework of its mission consisting of the diffusion of the scientific culture for the different citizens’ categories, the Tunis Science City (TSC) puts out a second call for innovative projects to scientific associations: Medina Assos 2020.

This call for projects is addressed to all scientific associations working on different scientific fields (hard sciences, human and social sciences, art and design sciences, as well as technology). It is for a better openness to its social and university environment that the TSC commits this call to see innovative proposals ready to provide real added values to its benefits.

  • Eligibility requirements
  • The official creation of the scientific association must date back to at least one year before the deadline of projects submissions.
  • Respecting the principles of the decree-law n°2011-88 of September 24, 2011, concerning the organization of the associations.
  • The executive office of the association must present a supervision rate greater or equal to 50% (percentage of graduated from higher education establishments).
  • Submission conditions

To bid for the call, the associations standing for innovative projects must drop folders including the following documents:

  1. An activity report of the two last years (2018 and 2019).
  2. An activity project with the Tunis Science City for 2020 (only one project for each association), including:

2-1. Proposition of at least one large scale event: national or international day, workshop, competitions etc.

2-2. Proposition of at least one scientific activity with the Tunis Science City.

2-3. Proposition of other scientific activities.

  1. An administrative folder containing:

3-1. A copy of the JORT (Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic), testifying the creation of the association.

3-2. A copy of the patent.

3-3. The last composition of the executive office.

3-4. The final financial report of the last year.

  • Evaluation Criteria

The internal committee for the selection of projects for the Tunis Science City is in charge of evaluating the proposed folders. The adopted evaluation criteria are the followings:

  1. Evaluation of the activities reports (variety, social impact etc…) (25%)
  2. Evaluation of the proposed project (50%)

a. Degree of coherence with the missions of the Tunis Science City (10%)

b. Degree of innovation with the proposed activities (20%)

c. The number of proposed actions (10%)

              d. Quality of the proposed actions (10%)

  1. The association notoriety (number of members or fans in social networks, media coverage: 25%) 
  • The granted privileges

The associations bearing the best folders obtaining a score higher than 80% will be considered as privileged partners of the Tunis Science City. The associations bearing folders obtaining scores included between 60% and 80% will be considered as partners. The privileges which will be granted to the winning associations are the followings:

A. Partner

  1. The granting of a conference room once per month for free. 
  2. Or the granting of a discount of 30% on the renting price of an auditorium (Ibn Khaldoun or Al Khawarizmi) once per year according to the availability of the premises. 

B. Privileged partner

  1. The granting of a conference room once per month for free.
  2. And the granting of a discount of 30% on the renting price of an auditorium  (Ibn Khaldoun or Al Khawarizmi) once per year according to the availability of the premises.
  3. The granting of a discount of 50% on a ten (10) nights stay (maximum) in the Abou Fehr Guest House with a possibility of reserving five rooms (maximum) per year.
  • Key dates
  • Deadline for the submission of folders: Friday, January 31st, 2020.
  • Announcement of the results: Friday, February 21st, 2020.
  • Signature of agreements: March 2020.


The complete files must be dropped at the office order of the Tunis Science City at the following address: Tunis Science City, Tunis, Tunisia. For any further information or requests, please get touch with Mrs. Besma Ben Cheikh at the following phone number: +216 71 753 415, by Fax: +216 71 767 777, or by E-mail:


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