Major Events

New show at the planetarium

from 23-09-2021 to 31-12-2021
New show at the planetarium

A journey into the light

This show is part of the Institutional Twinning project between Tunisia and Spain and collaboration between the Science Park in Granada and the Tunis Science City.

“A journey into the light” is a new show at the planetarium made by the Science Park in Granada and it tells the story of the importance of light for the human being life, the Earth and the Universe.

Throughout a conversation between a child and his mother, “A journey into the light” show sheds light on the importance of light in our life. The show presents different scenarios revealing the nature of light and its direct influence on our planet.

The Sun is the nearest Star to our planet Earth and generates the energy producing the necessary light and heat for life. Studying the light produced by the Sun and other stars and galaxies, enables us to make different models explaining the origin, the structure and the evolution of the Universe.

However, the Sun is not the only source of natural light, as the fire existed on Earth since its creation and plays an important role to the evolution of human beings to the extent that its discovery by the primitive societies has changed their lifestyles. In addition to that, artificial light and its use in medicine and in communication show the relationship between Humanity, Life, and Light.


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