Major Events

Scientific culinary days

from 09-02-2024 to 10-02-2024

Let's eat well let’s eat healthy

As part of its scientific and technological programme for the year 2024, the City of Sciences in Tunis organized on, in partnership with the National Agronomic Institute of Tunis, the Office de l'Elevage et des Pâturages, the National Institute of  Nutrition, the Maghrebean Institute of Management and Tourism , UNIDO and the National Academy of cooking, two  awareness days about culinary habits, dedicated to the discovery of the Tunisian History of gastronomy and the culinary heritage and culture.

The programme was rich and varied and aimed at raising people' s awareness about the importance of a healthy and rich diet, as well as discovering  the gastronomic diversity of Tunisia's regions, while emphasing and highlighting the primary role of the City of Sciences in Tunis, which is the dissemination of the culture of science and innovation to all the categories  of people, particularly youngsters. The programme also included workshops to discover the benefits of certain recipes for young people's, and an exhibition-sale of women artisans and startups in the field.                      



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