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World Diabetes Day

from 17-11-2018 to 17-11-2018
World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day

Saturday, November 17, 2018

On the occasion of the celebration of the World Diabetes Day, the Tunis Science City organized on Saturday, November 17, a series of activities including lectures and a workshop. The first lecture was entitled “Diabetes and family”, and was given by Mrs. Olfa Essais Bedoui, Associate Professor in endocrinology. The second one was entitled “Children and diabetes: prejudices and truth”, and was given by Mrs Leila Essaddam, Pediatrician Endocrinologist, Assistant at university hospital, PUC service at Béchir Hamza Children Hospital, Tunis. The third and the last one was entitled “Dental Health of diabetics”, and was given by Mr. Habib Hamdi, Professor at university hospital and doctor of dental surgery, university clinic-hospital of dental medicine of Monastir. The workshop was about the theme of nutritional care of a diabetic (type 2) and was animated by Mrs. Amel Gamoudi, Nutritionist from the National Institute of Nutrition.



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