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Astronomy evening during Ramadan

Astronomy evening during Ramadan

Fifty years after the first Man Moon landing, 2019 is clearly the year of the Moon by excellence! The Moon accompanies us with its movements and its signals. It is also the changing celestial body, the movements of which are worth to be studied and understood by all. The visitors of the Tunis Science City had the chance during this evening to observe the lunar terminator which is the division between the day and the night. It reveals the spectacular shadows of craters sides. Cassini crater, Aristotle crater, Sea of Tranquility, and Sea of Crises are among the numerous visible reliefs during this astronomy evening. To satisfy the curiosity of the large public, the Tunis Science City, in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of Tunisia, organized on Saturday, May 11 an astronomy evening dedicated to the Moon during Ramadan. The programme included a lecture entitled “A trip to the Moon”, workshops of Moon observations with telescopes, a quiz dedicated to children and a workshop about the use of stellarium software.



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