Math and astronomy classes

from 25-12-2014 to 27-12-2014
Math and astronomy classes

Targeted public: 1st and 2nd year of secondary school
Duration: 3 days (during the morning period)
Available places: 30

Math and astronomy classes included a series of astronomical activities dedicated to both pupils and their teachers. Based on mathematical knowledge learned at school, these activities enabled pupils to apply some mathematical formulas in practical and simple situations. These situations, analyzed by famous astronomers and mathematicians, highlight the history of science and the genius of Man through ages.
Three types of activities were developed:

  • Activities tackling the notion of distance in astronomy, using dynamic geometry as a way of popularizing science. This geometric approach highlights the history of astronomy as practiced by the Greeks.
  • During the activities tackling the notions of angle and triangle, the pupils learn to implement and manipulate models and measurement tools.
  • Activities tackling the notion of time and its measurement using educational open source software.

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