Migraine : what’s new ?

Migraine : what’s new ?

Migraine is a disease with a great complexity and it is most of the time under-diagnosed. Despite the fact that it is a benign disease, it has impacts on thousands of people around the world. Indeed, the OMS recognizes migraine as the 7th debilitating pathology in the world.

“Migraine: what’s new?” is the title of the lecture that was given, at the Tunis Science City, by Dr. Riadh Gouider, Head of Service of Neurology at Razi Hospital, on Friday, October 5. The objective was to open a discussion on complex themes that affect a great number of citizens and answer their questions like how to make the difference between a simple headache and a migraine? What is the origin of migraine and what are the triggering factors? What are the new treatments for migraine and are they efficient? 


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