Astronomy activities

The night of stars

The night of stars

At 7.00 pm

The Tunis Science City will organize on Friday, July 27, 2018, at 7.00 pm, the 15th edition of the Night of stars, a particular event for astronomy amateurs and the large public. The programme includes lectures about astronomy, astronomic tales, observation of planet March, which will be at its nearest position to the Earth, the day sky, workshops tackling different scientific fields (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.). 

Court of honor
7.00 pm: Welcoming of participants
7.30 pm: Welcoming and presentation of the programme
7.45 pm: Music
8.00 pm: “Fdewi falaki”
8.15 pm: Music
8:30 pm: Scientific interventions about eclipses and planet Mars
9.15 pm: “Fdewi falaki”
9.30 pm: Music and observation of an eclipse
10.00 pm: Lecture: “the final landing of Rosita”, by Dr. Issam Hajji, researcher at NASA
11.15 pm: Astronomy competition
Norea open air space and the temporary exhibition pavilion
8.00 pm: Observation of stars and planets through telescopes
8.00 pm: Workshops and scientific exhibitions
00.00 am: Ending of the event

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