The second meeting of agricultural and fisheries heritage

from 30-05-2014 to 01-06-2014
The second meeting of agricultural and fisheries heritage

Everywhere in Tunisia, generations of farmers and breeders have created systems and specific agricultural landscapes that they have shaped and maintained by themselves. These agri-cultural systems promote the natural resources and contribute to the development of an important agricultural biodiversity. Their management lays on the adapted practices to the local context. They have also provided multiple goods and services to society and they ensured food security to population and to the quality of life.
In order to promote these systems considered part of a national agricultural heritage, raise public awareness of their importance and ensure their recognition at national and international levels, the Tunis Science City and the UNESCO club for knowledge and sustainable development (CUASDO) invited the public to attend the national meeting about “Tunisian agricultural heritage: situation, valorization and innovation “ during which national and local partners ensured the dynamic preservation and the valorization of their agricultural systems heritage.

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