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Eurêka Prize

from 12-11-2018 to 12-11-2018
Eurêka  Prize

Eurêka Prize, created in 2017 by the Tunis Science City (TSC Tunisia), the Association of museums and development of scientific, technical and industrial culture centres (AMCSTI, France) and MED21 programme, rewards persons involved in the promotion of teaching and familiarization of scientific culture in the Mediterranean countries.

Within the framework of its second session, an awards ceremony took place in the Man Museum of Paris, on Tuesday, Novemebr 13. Eminent scientific and political personalities were present at this event, in addition to the founding and organizing partners:

Mrs. Yasmine Ben Mahjoub, Tunisian Consul in France.

Mr. Jean Louis Bianco, President of Secularism Observatory.

Mr. André Delpuech, Director of Man Museum of Paris.

Mr. Guillaume Desbrosse, President of AMCSTI.

Mr. Mohamed Nadir Aziza, President of Programme MED21.

Laureates of both Mediterranean sides are:

  • Pr. Amel Benammar ElGaaïed, specialist in genetics of populations at the Faculty of sciences of Tunis (laureate from the South side).
  • Pr. Hélène Courtois, astrophysician at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 (laureate from the North side).
  • Mr. Amjed Mouelhi, researcher and member of the Astronomical Society of Tunisia (young laureate from the South side).
  • Pr. Hubert Curien, former President of the National Centre of Space Studies (CNES), former minister of space researches, and prime minister of the committee of European Space Agency (posthumous laureate  North side).

Photo credit:© Mathieu Gesta

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