Major Events

Exoplanet and its host star assigned to Tunisia

from 17-12-2019 to 17-12-2019

Deliberation of Names

The Tunis Science City, and its partners; members of the National committee of the International Astronomical Union in Tunisia, are pleased to deliberate the names relative to the exoplanet HD 192699b and its host star HD 192699 assigned to Tunisia.

New name of the Star HD192699 : Chechia

New name of the Exoplanet HD192699b : Khomsa

The Chechia is a traditional red wool hat with a flat surface worn by man and women in Tunisia and symbolizing the country's rich traditions.

The Khomsa represents the five fingers of the right hand just as its name specifies, and used in jewelry and decorations. Today, it is revamped in the

design of different decorations and clothes.

The names chosen are associated with traditional clothes and Tunisian culture.


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