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International Childhood Cancer Day

from 16-02-2019 to 16-02-2019
International Childhood Cancer Day

Childhood cancers are rare and heterogeneous diseases representing 1 to 2 % of all cancers.  Contrary to adults, childhood cancer may be curable when it is diagnosed at an early stage. In developed countries, a complete recovery may be noticed two times out of three. In Tunisia, childhood cancer incidence estimation is about 400 new cases per year, which means 18/100000 children aged under 15 years old.

To inform and alert the public to cancer threats, the Tunis Science City, in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of Pediatric Oncology celebrated on Saturday, February 16, the International Childhood Cancer Day through organizing a programme of lectures and testimonies.

Four lectures were programmed during this day.

 The first one is entitled “The particularity of pediatric cancer” and was given by Dr. Sihem BARSAOUI, Professor of Pediatrics, and president of the Tunisian Association of Pediatric Oncology (ATOP).

The second one is entitled “Early diagnosis of childhood cancer? When to worry?” and was given by Dr. Faten FEDHILA, Associate Professor of pediatrics at Béchir Hamza children Hospital, Dr. Hedi BOUGUILA, Professor of ophthalmology at Hedi RAIES Istitute and Dr. Sofien GHORBEL, Associate Professor of pediatric surgery.

The third lecture is entitled “Should we be afraid of childhood cancer treatment?” and was given by Dr. Samar RHAYEM, Pediatric Assistant at Béchir Hamza Children Hospital, Dr. Lotfi KOCHBATI, Radiotherapy Professor and Radiotherapy Head of Service at Abderrahmane Mami Hospital, and Dr. Faycel OUBICH, Pediatrics Assistant Professor

The fourth and the last one is entitled “How to support a child attained with cancer, as well as his family?”, and was given by Dr. Zeineb of child psychiatry at Razi Institute and Mrs. Saida GHANMI, psychologist.

This day ended with testimonies and a debate.




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