Major Events

Robots arrive at the Tunis Science City

from 08-12-2017 to 05-05-2018
Robots arrive at the Tunis Science City

Robotics is a set of techniques enabling the conception and the making of robots. It is applied in different fields such as industry, domestic work, medicine, military industry etc. In order to demystify the world of robotics, which is in perpetual evolution, the Tunis Science City invites the large public to discover the new temporary exhibition composed of 6 robots allowing a real interaction with public. In addition to simple demonstrations, the public will have the occasion to interact with barman robot, builder robot, photographer robot etc. These robots offer to the visitors a total immersion in the world of robotics. This exhibition also sheds light on the relation between Man and Robot from ethics and philosophic perspectives, as robots share with us today our everyday life in different services fields, whether for personal or industrial uses.

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