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Transit of Mercury

from 11-11-2019 to 11-11-2019
Transit of Mercury

The planet Mercury passed in front of the Sun on November 11th, 2019. This exceptional phenomenon occurs when Earth, planet Mercury and the Sun are lined up, something which appears 13 times or less in a whole century.   

On this occasion, the Tunis Science City organized an event for the large public, in order to shed light on the circumstances of this phenomenon through observation with particular instruments offering an adequate security.

The transit is a natural astronomic phenomenon which occurs when a celestial body interleaves between the observer and another body. The first celestial body appears to move in front of the second one. On Monday, November 11th, starting from 1.35 pm, planet Mercury is visible under the form of a small dot crossing the solar disk. To observe this phenomenon, it is necessary to wear astronomy glasses or adapted telescopes. The next transit will occur in 2032.

The programme included a lecture aiming at elucidating the phenomenon with a quiz for children, in addition to the observation with telescopes.


It is dangerous to observe directly the Sun without eyes protection. To follow the phenomenon, the Tunis Science City puts at the disposal of the visitors the adequate instruments.



More details about the transit of Mercury



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